Hey Rockstar!

My name is Joe Benun

Here's a little site to learn more about how I like to roll

I'm a health and fitness nut who loves to create things that make the world a better place.

The Basics

What happens when you take an overly energetic endurance athlete with a passion for social impact? A multisport coach and personal trainer that works on a boatload of fundraising endurance teams. It's been awesome to launch Team U (including organizing the National Endurance Sports Summit), and work as the founding coach at Team SBH and Team SAFE. On my gap year program, I launched Team Tzvi. Together, I've been part of the raising of a few million dollars for charity. I'm a lucky cofounder and operations dude at Good St., working with an amazing team to make daily giving easy and meaningful. I work with some other organizations, including serving as board member at Music is Medicine and founding board member at the African Peace Center.

I've done a bunch of different projects along the way, including a race director for a local 5K race, work on local government and community stuff, serving as a counselor for a couple of youth programs, and starting a little short but fun-lived publication at Princeton. I'm a huge audiobook evangelist (3x speed is still too slow) with favorites in history and neuroscience. I also like to shake things up when appropriate, am a fan of photography, graphic design, and web development. As for my interest in art? Google SketchUp was fun (especially in 2008 when I desiged my dream home), and got into graphic design in 2010/2011 when I oddly started using Adobe Illustrator to make ambigrams , including a big collage, and a strange attempt at a 3D amibram on Sketchup (I was obssessed with trying to conceptualize how to slice into an infitely topological 3D amibigram).

Background History

Well, I guess all our stories start off with us as babies, right? Here is one snapshot. Following messing around with play-doh, I had some good times in elementary school. Some things I have salvaged include one random poem, and one heavy poem on the Holocaust. I also tried out a persuasive essay, writing as a punk on why we shouldn't have homework. My love for football is quite evident in an essay I wrote when I was 12, and from a time capsule assignment from school. Funny enough, my earliest school report I have is on eminent domain. Fast-forward a bunch of years, I started running when I was around 13. My school didn't have a XC/Track team, but I found my way into some competitions, and apparently I was fast enough. Quite the idealist punk, in junior/senior year of high school I was trying to figure out 'happiness', and sent out emails to a bunch of professors surrounding a project idea.

Guiding Approach: E.A.T.

Stands for Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency. Also known by the acronym T.E.A. or A.T.E. (if you say E.T.A., though, people will ask which flight you are on.). Living my life guided by values and principles I hold dear is what keep me going. It's a way of living not tied to outcomes and regrets, but to an approach. Everyone needs to EAT, just like everyone needs to eat.

Get in touch and stay in the loop!

Drop me a message at mail(at)joebenun.com to get in touch. And below is an editable google doc that I periodically update. Feel free to comment as per the instructions in the doc!

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